space-moere project (ARTSAT x SIAF lab)


The "Space-Moere Project" is an art project that connects Moerenuma Park to the universe with a stratospheric balloon, and even thinks of extraterrestrial intelligence as a stranger. The project is "Sculpture to be Seen from Space, Improvisation to be Heard from Space. Improvisation to be Heard from Space. Improvisation to be Heard from Space. Media installation "Sculpture for All of the Intelligence" It consists of two works.


ARTSAT|Akihiro Kubota (leader), Atsushi Horiguchi, Kento Nakazawa, Naoto Usami, Ron Hashimoto and others. SIAF Lab | Kei Komachiya, Daisuke Funato, Kenichi Kanai, Katsuya Ishida, etc.


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・September 26, 2016 ARTSAT×SIAF Lab work production open experiment 1st session ( report )
・February 16, 2017-19 Nori Hirakawa datum @ Moerenuma Park-Glass Pyramid Snow Warehouse ( Details )
・2017.3/11 Hokkaido University CoSTEP Completion Ceremony Open Symposium "From the palm to space" ( report )
・2017.5/20 ARTSAT×SIAF Lab Parachute drop experiment ( report )
・2017.8/6-10/1 SIAF2017 " RE/PLAY/SCAPE " @ Moerenuma Park・August 24, 2017 ARTSAT×SIAF Lab Launch Performance/Reporting Session
・2017.10/19 ARTSAT×SIAF Lab Balloon Launch・Terecording Performance Re-Challenge
・2017.12/1-3 Gwangju Media Arts Festival 2017 Participation
・2019.5/15 ARTSAT × SIAF Lab WRO Art Media Festival 2019 participation



With the motto "Satellite is the media", the project ARTSAT: Satellite Art Project, which promotes the utilization of space culture and art, started in 2010 as a collaboration between Tama Art University and the University of Tokyo. In February 2014, the world's first art satellite "ARTSAT 1: INVADER" was successfully launched, and in December of the same year, in collaboration with "Hayabusa 2", deep space sculpture "ARTSAT 2: DESPATCH" that escapes from the sphere of attraction of the earth Was put into a planetary orbit and succeeded in receiving radio waves from the farthest 4.7 million km (about 12 times the distance to the moon). 2015 HYBRID ART category excellence award at Ars Electronica. Akihiro Kubota won the 2015 Minister of Arts Award (Media Arts Division).