Art Engineering School


In this program, you will learn the roles and techniques of art engineering related to the production and exhibition of media art and contemporary art works through practical training. Artistic engineers with various techniques and aesthetics are indispensable for today's work production and exhibition. We would like to introduce such art engineer experts and their thoughts and practices.

In addition, by introducing the concrete mechanism of the work such as the construction method of the video/audio system, the sensor and the programming technique, the idea of art engineering that requires both the viewpoint of the expression and the technology of the work Deepen understanding. In the practical training, we aim to acquire the skills necessary for the work through experience while handling the equipment etc. such as the setting method of the work and the maintenance and management during the exhibition period.


Organizer: Sapporo International Arts Festival Executive Committee / Sapporo City, Sapporo Cultural Arts Exchange Center SCARTS (Sapporo City Arts Foundation)

Video  *Japanese only

#00.0 Art Engineering School Introduction

-7/1 up Art engineering school has finally started! Get an overview of the program by SIAF Lab Project Director and SCARTS Technical Director.
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#00.1 About Art Engineering

-7/3 up SIAF Lab Project Leader Akihiro Kubota looks back on art engineering from the beginning of art and engineering. *Japanese only
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#00.2 About Art Engineering

7/10 up By SIAF lab project leader Mr. Akihiro Kubota,I would like to talk about the idea of the art engineering.

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#00.3 About Art Engineering

7/17 up we will talk about the ideas of art engineering, what Mr. Kubota talks about, what we want to implement at the school and the future prospects in a roundtable discussion.

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#01.0 Projector, Part 1

7/25 up The basic structure and mechanism of the projectors used in video/media installation exhibitions will be introduced.

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#01.1 Projector, Part 2

8/13 up We explained about how to setup some positions and how to use Keystone.

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#01.2 Projector, Part 3

8/21 up We explained about the relationship of the distance between the projector and the screen. And how to setup the lens.

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#01.3 Projector, Part 4

9/14 up We explained about video-out and the relationship of cables and resolution. And we introduced about the video extender and more.

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