Bent Icicle Project -Tulala- / Tulalab


The program started in 2015 when SIAF Lab was established. Under the theme of "Icicle", which is familiar to the winter of Hokkaido, we will carry out multiple programs such as events, talks, and workshops while conducting continuous research and research. In this project, we will consider the original "icicle modeling machine" (tentative name) from scratch, create it, and adjust it to grow "artificial icicles". Also, while going out in the city and actually observing "icicles" and collecting data, we will create maps and convert information that matches people's memories of "icicles." Eventually, "Artificial icicles", various goods that used their shapes for design, images and photos recording the state of the project, etc. will be displayed at the time of the "Sapporo Snow Festival" We aim to hold a festival.

development of

Rotating giant icicle modeling device

A radial icicle impressive device made by sticking water droplets sprayed onto a rotating shaft. It is a mysterious device that changes day by day depending on the weather conditions of the day, such as the rotation speed, how the ice sticks, and how much it grows.

Artificial icicle manufacturing equipment

A device that began when a word of "I want to bend icicles!" This device, which controls the amount and angle of water from a computer to create artificial icicles that are not found in nature, has undergone numerous experiments and trial and error.

Frost hut

A building that is easy to use is a unique building. This hut, which is called a frost hut, has a structure that makes it easy to make it tedious by devising the way heat is transferred from the architectural design. The icicles get bigger and bigger.

Environmental icicle light wall

Icicles are shaped objects that use water as an environment to create an environment, and when replaced with another material, they become icicles. This work expresses icicles as a wall of light by converting it into a signal based on various environmental information (temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, etc.) that is acquired in real time.

Icicle accessories

An icicle accessory that has been converted into data from various icicles actually collected in the city and reproduced with a 3D printer. Conduct sales and workshops.

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