WRO art Biennale 2019

DateWednesday, May 15, 2019-Sunday, December 29, 2019
VenueWRO Art Center, National Museum, Four Domes Pavilion, Bakery, etc. All 12 venues in Wroclaw city

ARTSAT x SIAF Lab, which has been working on the "Space-Moere Project" since SIAF 2017, will participate in the WRO Biennale in Poland. The WRO Media Art Biennale (abbreviation: WRO) was held in 1989 for the first time and is an international event leading the Polish media art world, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. The biannual festival in Wroclaw will feature new media artistic expression and cutting-edge art practices, as well as talk events by artists and scientists. The theme of the 18th WRO 2019 is "HUMAN ASPECT". Focuses on the complex relationship between humans and technology in the modern age of technological advances such as artificial intelligence and artificial life. WRO is soliciting works, and this time, more than 1,700 applications were received from all over the world. Approximately 100 works selected from them will be on display. Participating artists at WRO 2019 include ARTSAT x SIAF Lab, which is working on the "Space-Moere Project". In addition to exhibiting works, an opening performance will be held. WRO 2019 will host a variety of events from the opening on May 15th to the end of 2019.


Akihiro Kubota (Professor, Artist, SIAF Lab Project Leader, Tama Art University) Norimichi Hirakawa (ARTSAT x SIAF Lab Artistic Director) Kei Komachiya, Katsuya Ishida, Daisuke Funato (SIAF Lab Project Director)

WRO Media Art Biennale 2019 "HUMAN ASPECT" Opening Event: May 15 (Wed)-19 (Sun) 2019 Program Period: May 15 (Wed)-December 29 (Sun) Venue: WRO Art Center, National Museum, Four Domes Pavilion, Bakery, etc. All 12 venues in Wroclaw City Official Website (English)

*WRO Biennale is an international event leading Polish media art. WRO, which started in 1989, marks the 18th time this time.

WRO 2019 ARTSAT×SIAF Lab Exhibition/Performance Information

• Work exhibition SCULPTURE FOR ALL OF THE INTELLIGENCE NO.2 – SIGNALS TO BE DISCOVERED Period: May 15th (Wednesday)-July 28th (Sunday), 2019 Venue: Four Dome Pavilion SCULPTURE TO BE SEEN FROM SPACE, IMPROVISATION TO BE HEARD FROM SPACE – WRO2019 VERSION Date: May 15, 2019 (Wednesday) 20:00–21:00 Venue: Bakery

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