Midsummer Festival in Moerenuma Park

DateSaturday, June 23, 2018 | 17:00 – 21:00
VenueMoerenuma Park (1-1, Moerenuma Park, Higashi-ku) Pyramid of glass and surrounding area
AdmissionFree admission, no prior application required

New activities of the Sapporo International Art Festival and SIAF Lab will begin.

Summer solstice in Sapporo, where the weather is often mild. Taking advantage of this weather, we will hold an art event to launch a balloon from Moerenuma Park to the stratosphere. The ambient environment information received through the module (small electronic device) mounted on the balloon is converted into sound and image, connecting the earth and the universe. In addition, we will hold a lecture to introduce art and the past efforts of the Sapporo International Art Festival. Enjoy a one-day art event at Moerenuma Park. Space-Moere project "Summer Solstice in Moerenuma Park" special page is here Sponsor: Sapporo International Arts Festival Executive Committee / Co-sponsor: Sapporo City Parks Greenery Association Sapporo Otani University / Grant: 2018 Agency for Cultural Affairs Cultural Arts Creation Center Project


Part 1 Learn about Art ~ Lecture Series (Venue: Glass Pyramid Space 1)

17:00– The future of Sapporo International Arts Festival and SIAF Lab activities Lecturer: Takahiro Urushi/Asami Hosokawa (SIAF Secretariat Manager) 17:30– What is Media Art? ~ Path to space-moere Lecturer: Akihiro Kubota (SIAF Lab Project Leader) Kei Komachiya (SIAF Lab Project Director) Kazumi Miyai (Curator of Moerenuma Park) 18:00 – Possibility of Programming ~ Playing with chords Lecturer: Keisuke Ai, Kenichi Kanai (SIAF Lab Technical Fellow) Akihiro Kubota

Part 2 Balloon Launch + Live Performance (Venue: Outdoors around the glass pyramid)

19:20– Why are you releasing a balloon? Telerecording demonstration course! Navigator: Akihiro Kubota 20:00 – Balloon Launch x Telerecording Performance Appearance: SIAF Lab